This facility is supplied as a means to help you keep track of the value of your unit linked funds. The initial premium and any subsequent premiums buy units in your chosen funds. Each month some of the units are deducted to cover the cost of the company continuing to look after your policy, so you should contact us to get an update of the number of units in your policy at regular intervals.

To calculate the value of your policy at any time, you should multiply the number of units in each fund that your policy is invested in by the relevant Bid Price.

Dated: 15 / 11 / 2019

Pension Funds Bid Price (€) Offer Price (€)
Pension Deposit Fund 3.646 3.837
Pension Cautiously Managed Fund 1.799 1.893
Pension Managed Fund 12.383 13.034
Pension Managed Growth Fund 13.518 14.229
Life Funds Series 1    
Deposit Fund 2.762 2.907
Cautiously Managed Fund 1.624 1.709
Managed Fund 7.512 7.907
Managed Growth Fund 8.235 8.668
Life Funds Series 2    
Deposit Fund 3.646 3.837
Cautiously Managed Fund 1.799 1.893
Managed Fund 12.383 13.034
Managed Growth Fund 13.518 14.229
Life Funds Series 3    
Deposit Fund 0.861 0.906
Cautiously Managed Fund 1.075 1.131
Managed Fund 1.338 1.408
Managed Growth Fund 1.429 1.504

You can buy units at the offer price and sell them at the bid price. If you would like more information on unit funds please click here.

Tax is deducted from Life Funds Series 1 on an ongoing basis at the standard rate of tax and your policy will not suffer any further tax on encashment.

For all policies investing in Life Funds Series 2 and Savings policies investing in Life Funds Series 3, tax at 41% on any growth is deducted eight years from commencement, every eight years thereafter and on partial or fully encashment.

For pension policies, at retirement part of your fund is payable free of tax and the remainder is taxed at your marginal tax rate.

Past Performance is not necessarily a guide to future returns. Unit Prices can fall as well as rise and returns will depend on actual growth levels achieved.

While Acorn Life makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information contained here is current, accurate and complete, this is not guaranteed and you should refer to the terms and conditions on use of this site for further information.