Covid-19 Q&A

How is my Life cover benefit impacted by COVID-19?

With life cover we will pay you a lump sum if you or anyone covered under the plan dies. If someone dies directly as a result of COVID-19, or a complication associated with it, their life cover will pay out as normal. There are no changes to terms and conditions arising from COVID-19

How is my Critical Illness Cover benefit impacted by COVID-19?

With Critical illness cover we will pay you a lump sum to help you recover if you suffer one of the specified conditions covered under the plan, for example malignant cancer or heart attack.

COVID-19 is not a ‘specified illness’ within the list of covered conditions for Acorn Life DAC but we do for example cover Severe lung disease – of specified severity..

However, you may be eligible to claim for a condition arising from COVID-19 if this condition is one of the Critical Illness’s covered under you plan and according to the plans other normal terms and conditions.

There are no exclusion clauses in Critical Illness Cover plans in respect of COVID-19

How is my Hospital Cash benefit impacted by COVID-19?

You may be eligible to claim for this benefit if you are admitted to hospital for a consecutive period of 72 or 96 hours (depending on your policy type) with a diagnosis of this condition or for a condition arising from COVID-19 according to the plans normal terms and conditions. There are no exclusion clauses in respect of COVID-19

If I am made either temporarily or permanently redundant as a result of the COVID-19 economic impacts, do I have any cover?

Yes, as long as you continue to pay your premiums as required, your cover will remain in place. However, please note that Personal Accident or Accidental Injury Benefits only provide a benefit in the event of an accident/injury as covered in the list of conditions - they do not cover unemployment or redundancy.

Can I apply for a new life assurance plan as normal?

Yes you can continue to apply for life assurance, critical illness and associated benefits as normal. In some cases, where we ask for additional medical evidence for underwriting, this is likely to take longer than usual to obtain as a result of the Covid-19 emergency. You need to answer the questions asked on an application form fully to enable us assess your application.

The application form includes questions on medical conditions you have been diagnosed with and asks if you are currently awaiting the result of any tests. If you are tested or diagnosed after you have submitted an application and before the policy has commenced, you also need to contact us to let us know.

If your policy is already in place and you received your policy conditions before a COVID-19 test is ordered or before a COVID-19 diagnosis, then you need not tell us about that.

If you are applying to take out a policy and have tested positive for COVID-19 or are awaiting test results for COVID-19, a final decision on an application for cover will be postponed for a period of time.

When we assess an application for cover we of course take all medical details provided into account and not just any disclosures about COVID-19.

What if I have Covid 19 symptoms – will I be asked about this and do I need to disclose this?

Yes, you will be asked, and you do need to disclose it. When completing the application, you will be required to submit a Covid-19 questionnaire.  If you have symptoms, are awaiting a test or test results or have had a recent positive test result, the application may be deferred for a period of time.

I work as a healthcare/frontline worker – will I be able to get a policy during the pandemic?

The fact that you are a healthcare or frontline worker does not affect your application. You will be assessed against the same criteria as any other customer.

I can’t afford to pay my premium/contribution, but I want to keep the policy. Can Acorn Life help me?

We recognise that some clients may be experiencing financial pressures as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.  If your income is being adversely affected in these uncertain times and you are having difficulties in paying your policy premium/contribution, then we may have a solution that will help ease this burden.  We have an experienced and professional team who are available to help and support you during this challenging time. 

Please contact us on FREEPHONE 1800 446 446 if you would like to discuss the option(s) available to you with a member of our Client Services team.

Will Acorn Life remain open to handle claims and other policy queries?

Acorn Life have gone to extensive lengths to maintain service levels whilst encouraging our staff to work from home in line with Government guidelines. We remain available to help you understand the options available to you and to process claims and other transactions. Our Client Services team have been fully briefed on the customer initiatives that are available to support our policyholders during the current crisis and you should contact us directly on FREEPHONE 1800 446 446 should you have any queries.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please refer to your Policy Documents and your Policy Provisions for full terms and conditions relating to your policy.  This Q&A is intended as a guide only and does not override or in any way amend those definitions.